MetaArcade Tunnels and Trolls Adventures

They caught you...and you're in trouble now! The City of Khazan does not believe in coddling criminals, and now your only choice is to run the catacombs stripped naked of all worldly possessions. Survive and you’ll earn your freedom, possibly walk away with some fantastic loot and journey on to further adventures. Fail and...well it wasn’t much of a life anyways.

Naked Doom marks the first in a series of a classic Tunnels & Trolls dungeon adventures brought to life for mobile by MetaArcade. The catacombs of Khazan are filled with tough decisions, devious traps and monstrous encounters where the risk is only rivaled by the rewards! Roll your stats, pick your race and begin your adventure today!

  • Available for FREE on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Winner of Best In Show - Best Mobile MMO or RPG.

  • Custom characters - Roll your stats, choose your race and create a character you can customize and carry over to further adventures

  • Classic RPG adventure: Smarts, paranoia & luck are your greatest assets against the dangers you’ll face, not your reflexes.

  • Combat: Encounter a host of subterranean threats and don’t be surprised if you to also face epic creatures out of ancient myth. Thrill to the sight and sound of dice rolling across your screen when you throw down.

  • Sight & Sound: Featuring original and all-new hand-drawn art as well as atmospheric music and sound design that takes you deep into the catacombs

More adventures await: Survive Naked Doom and journey on through a host of further adventures in which to test your mettle! Sign up to be notified when Naked Doom is available.