• The gap between my vision for the adventure and reality was almost nil. I did just about everything I wanted to do with little to no effort on my part.
    — Destructoid
  • After about 10 minutes, my crazy wizard and his challenges were in the system, and I had grandiose notions of creating my own lengthy adventure from scratch.
    — MMORPG.com
  • It was very similar to a Tunnels & Trolls [...] without the bookkeeping.
    — GeekDad.com
  • MetaArcade could be the first step on your journey to getting a game on our list of the greatest RPG's ever made.
    — PCGamesN.com

The MetaArcade Adventures will bring a series of Tunnels & Trolls adventures to your mobile devices. Going back to the essence of what makes RPG's great, you will create characters and take them through the worlds inhabited by such stories as Naked Doom, Buffalo Castle, and Deathtrap Equalizer.  

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